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May 15, 2018

Press Release

Gayle Stone-Turesky becomes a certified “Category V” Parenting Coordinator (PC)

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Gayle Stone-Turesky, a member of the Sugarman Rogers domestic relations and probate litigation practice group, has become certified as a Parenting Coordinator (PC). Parenting Coordination was established in Massachusetts to help manage ongoing issues in high-conflict child custody and visitation matters.

Gayle’s background, training, and experience qualify her to serve as an effective PC.  She has represented clients in family law and probate matters for almost four decades. Her practice includes divorce, modification, custody, paternity, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, guardianships, administration of estates, and probate litigation. She is certified as a mediator for family and probate matters, and is certified to litigate complex financial matters. Gayle is also qualified as a “Category E” guardian ad litem, and serves as the appointed public administrator for Middlesex County, assisting the court system in the management of estates.

To learn more about Gayle or contact her regarding Parenting Coordination, please click here.