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At Sugarman Rogers we believe that a law firm’s success comes from hiring the best people and fostering their talents in a collaborative and supportive environment, within the workplace and beyond. This approach has served our clients well for generations by promoting stability, mutual respect, and loyalty throughout the firm.

We were one of the early leaders in Boston’s legal community in adopting family-friendly policies for our attorneys. For decades we have offered maternity, paternity and domestic-partner leave, together with flexible schedules for returning lawyer-parents so that they can maintain a healthy work-life balance. Aside from its being the right thing to do, we have found that this approach creates an energetic, motivated team that is eager to help one another achieve success for our clients.

Another part of what makes our firm culture special is that we enjoy spending time with our colleagues and each other’s families outside of the office. We’ve long hosted an annual attorney-and-family weekend retreat, which in its current iteration involves a September stay in Woodstock, Vermont, where families come together for hiking, mountain biking, brewery tours and more. Watch the slide-show below to see more about this year’s trip!