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Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury

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We have successfully represented plaintiffs for more than 40 years in medical-malpractice lawsuits and personal-injury claims involving serious injuries or death.

As seasoned trial lawyers, we have the experience, knowledge, and contacts required to fully evaluate and resolve these claims. We also have a dedicated in-house support staff that includes paralegals with over 20 years of experience reviewing medical records and conducting factual investigations. Our team understands the importance of carefully evaluating potential claims, advising clients on whether the evidence supports the filing of suit, keeping clients informed throughout the process, and diligently moving cases forward toward a successful outcome.

We represent plaintiffs in a wide variety of medical-malpractice claims, including cases of failure to properly diagnose and treat serious medical conditions, negligent surgical procedures, abuse or neglect in nursing homes, and errors made by hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies (more examples).

We also represent plaintiffs who have suffered serious personal injuries as a result of negligence in a host of different settings, including automobile and other roadway accidents, injuries suffered at industrial and construction sites and other workplaces, and burn injuries (more examples).

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