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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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For over 90 years, Sugarman Rogers has been steered by our core values: a commitment to advancing social justice in our community and a belief that a balanced and collaborative workplace empowers us to serve our community and clients better. 

We are dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion and recognize that different life experiences and perspectives are essential to creating a healthy, vibrant, and balanced workplace.

A Leader of the Bar on Gender Diversity

Since our founding, Sugarman Rogers has welcomed lawyers and staff from a wide variety of backgrounds. We strive to be a firm that is open and inclusive in our hiring, reflecting the community in which our clients and employees work and live. It is an ongoing mission, and we are proud of the milestones we have already achieved.

The majority of Sugarman Rogers’ partnership are women, and women comprise more than half of our total attorney roster. In 1999, Sugarman Rogers was one of the first law firms in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to elect a woman as managing partner, Regina Roman. In 2017, the tradition continued as Christine Netski succeeded Regina as managing partner.

Sugarman Rogers has always attracted top talent and the brightest legal minds, and we excel at hiring, retaining, and promoting gifted women lawyers. We are devoted to expanding our ranks further, broadening our diversity and culture in order to enhance the first-class representation our clients expect.

Our Pledge and Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Sugarman Rogers’ pursues diversity, equity, and inclusion within and outside the firm, driven by a core set of principles:

By vigilantly adhering to this pledge, Sugarman Rogers will always be a law firm in which our people, clients, business partners, and the community can take great pride.