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March 21, 2016

Meredith DeJesus Caradimos

Meredith DeJesus on “The Benefits of Remote Breathalyzer Testing in Custody Disputes”

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Custody disputes are often some of the most challenging cases that Family Law practitioners face in the Commonwealth. Often heightening an already difficult situation is the introduction of substance abuse into the fact pattern of any custody dispute. For years, the Probate and Family Court has dealt with allegations of substance abuse by requiring the accused parent to undergo court imposed treatment conditions, including mandated drug testing, verification of attendance at counseling sessions and self-help recovery meetings, and communication with treatment providers. In the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, the Probation Department is generally charged with monitoring compliance with these treatment conditions.

Associate Meredith A. DeJesus addresses the benefits of remote breathalyzer testing in custody disputes, in the BBA’s Family Law Newsletter, Winter 2016.

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