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April 17, 2020

Legal Update
Kati A. Enscoe

7 tips to enhance your business development during COVID-19

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Legal Marketer, Kati A. Enscoe, addresses seven things that you can do over the next 30-days to enhance your business development efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Listen Up!
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been consuming tremendous amounts of information. Don’t max out your clients with even more! Take this time to sit back and listen. This is not the time to be aggressive or make a hard sale. Your client will leave the conversation with a positive feeling and you will be top-of-mind if a situation should arise where they need your help.

Action: Set aside 20 minutes tomorrow to write down a series of probing questions. “What types of challenges is your business facing this month?” “How are you managing with your children home?” “What do you anticipate will be some of the first things on your plate when you head back into the office?” Refer to this list often as a reminder to ask lots of questions and listen.

2. Bigger is Not Better
During this uncertain and overwhelming time, less is more. Double down on what you do best and let your clients know that you are available to advise them in a particular practice area. Pushing too many areas of law on a client can leave them feeling panicked.  Stay calm and excel in your expertise on.

Action: Think about the next 30-days and complete the following sentence: I help [client] with [service]. Narrow “client” down to those within a specific industry. If your clients are individuals, drill down on their demographics (age, income, geography, profession, etc.).  For service, focus on one or two services. This 30-day position statement can help you target your business development efforts.

3. A Call a Day…
The COVID-19 quarantine has been hard on most. Those who used to let their calls go straight to voicemail may be picking up on the first ring! Use social distancing to your advantage and pick up the phone. This may not lead to immediate new business, however, your clients will be happy to hear from you and will think of you when they run into an issue.

Action: Schedule one call a day with former, existing, and prospective clients. Use the list of questions that you prepared under the “Listen Up!” action item starting with personal inquiries and easing into business matters. Add value where you can such as mentioning a helpful resource and following up with an email which includes the resource link or attachment.

4. Work Your Network
If there ever was a time to make an “ask” of your network, it is now. Using your new position statement, create a short list of colleagues and clients who may be able to connect you with your target “client.” Make sure that your request is reciprocal by asking your network how you can help them as well.

Action: Make a list of 25 people and send individualized emails asking if they can connect you with someone in their network that you can help. Spell out the specific types of problems you can solve and for whom. Close each email by offering to help them reciprocally.

Take this exercise a step further by identifying the potential connection by looking at your contact’s LinkedIn network. The easier, the better, and you may add 25 new connections to your network!

5. Establish New Habits
They say it takes 21-days to form a new habit. Business development is most effective when it becomes habitual. Take the next 30-days to throw some old routines out the window and try to establish new and better ones! The first step is to commit to dedicating time to business development every day.

Action: Take 15 minutes each day to review your firm bio page, LinkedIn profile, and other social media profiles (if applicable). Review your list of 25 contacts, and brainstorm about things to share with them. Can you email them a link to a recent decision? Share news about a development in their neighborhood? Congratulate them on their child’s upcoming graduation? If you take a few minutes to do this each morning, it will become baked into your routine over the next 30-days.

6. Create Content
When leaving your house is not an option, your business development options are limited. A great way to reach a large number of people is by creating content. When you write about something that addresses a problem and offers up a helpful solution, you will naturally be top-of-mind to a client when they face a similar issue. Content will also drive traffic to your website for months to come – it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Action: If you’re already a content creator, now is the time to hit gas and ramp up your production. If you’re just getting started, try to write and publish at least one piece in the next 30-days. COVID-19 related topics are great, but those that dig into your area of expertise are just as powerful.

7. Remain visible
Those who are most visible will be the most successful in the next 30-days. Creating content and reaching out to contacts are great ways to stay visible, however you must cast a wider net. Engaging with people on social media does just that. Over the next 30-days, commit to sharing relevant content with your social network. Like and comment on other people’s posts and they will likely reciprocate.

Action: Spend 10 minutes a day on LinkedIn (or your social media platform of choice) with the objective of making one new connection, sharing one piece of content, or liking or commenting on a post. This too will become a new habit and lead to better visibility and successful business development.

For questions contact Kati A. Enscoe.